She’ll Wear My Ring



Vocals, Harp: Mara Campobasso
Guitar: Nicola Cicerale
Double Bass, Bouzouki: Giovanni Mastrangelo
Violin, Cello: Emanuela Lioy
Percussions: Aldo Grillo
Alto Recorder, Low whistle: Massimo La Zazzera

Music and Lyrics: Giovanni Mastrangelo

Arrangements: The Charmin’Elf
Recorded at, acoustic environment, in year 2011

Cover Art: Maddalena Gatta

In loving memory of Massimo


I am the son of the house carpenter
And I fell in love with a court damsel
She was in her prime so pretty and young
And gave a smile that I buried in my heart

I gave her all, all that I had
Stole diamonds and gold to take her hand
I burnt my heart and tied my soul
At the end of the day she broke her promise

We will marry tomorrow my dear
You will wear my ring
Tomorrow we’ll dance all the night
You will free my love

And then came the night and the stars were so bright
Softly the wind was blowin’ my dreams
The moon was so cold, she read my hand
Beware little boy an angel must die

And one morning in the month of May
She left the town to marry a king
I read her letter, no sign of love
Behind those words cold like the ice…

We will not marry tomorrow my dear
You will not wear my ring
We will not dance, no more
My love is a broken ring…