In the Fall 1999 some musicians and friends decided to gather…

They had been friends for years but had been walking different paths as musicians until that moment. What joined them was the need to give birth to a “free zone” for their restless creativity.

They started up with the so called Celtic music (Irish, Scottish, Breton folk music, etc.). That was not the choice of a “genre” of music, but the natural approach to a tradition which inspires the band to search for a lost sound, dwelling somewhere in the recesses of the soul; a resonance that can’t be described by words and the origin of which can’t be set in time and space.

They also hear “the call” of the music and instruments coming from other traditions – including theirs from Puglia, of course. But what prevails over everything is the creative necessity which, drawing upon the different experiences and personalities living together in the group, leads them soon to the composition of original music and lyrics, as well as a completely personal interpretation of the traditional music.

The first production of the band is an EP dedicated to folk music titled “The Charmin’Elf”.

The album “MATTINO” (December  2004, Ethnoworld) marks the turning point in the career of the band, which, though keeping their love for traditional music, goes far beyond the mere folk revival, proposing original compositions (free from any commercial mark, be it even “world music”), with a predilection for songwriting and for the use of acoustic instruments “borrowed” from various musical traditions. Twelve tracks, ten songs and two instrumental pieces, all recorded with a clear “live” approach. The lyrics written by Mara Campobasso and by Giovanni Mastrangelo deal with different themes which range, for instance, from the impatience with social vices (The Charmin’ Elf, Restless flame, The Prodigal Son) to the pseudo-love songs (The Ring of Fortune, About you, Pictures of Spring), from the moral tale (Marianne, Lilium) to more intimist moments (Lullaby, Slowly falls the snow).

The Charmin’ Elf carries out an intense live activity, also taking part to festivals and revues, and performing in the most varied situations: from the street to the stage, from concert halls to crowded clubs, always proposing a music which knows no boundaries (and Music actually hasn’t got any) and which resounds of instruments and melodies that may join British Isles to Apulia, the Mediterranean Area to India, the Middle Ages to present time.

The Charmin’Elf  releases the single “She’ll wear my ring” in November 2012 with the label RADIOSPIA.